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MATCHA: For Lattes (50g)

MATCHA: For Lattes (50g)

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Made for Latte Lovers

This is 50 grams of our special matcha blend, just for lattes.

Everything you want in a matcha latte; the perfect balance of vegetal, nutty, and creamy.

And yes, its actually this green.

Why not ceremonial grade?

High quality ceremonial grade matcha is often creamier, sweeter, and more fill bodied. This is perfect for when enjoying by itself, but when you add in milk or sweetener these positive characteristics are often masked! This leaves you with a latte that tastes more milk than matcha.

By using our special latte grade matcha, you will be able to enjoy the vegetal, nutty, and umami notes alongside the creamy flavor that your milk of choice brings.

Ceremonial grade also only refers to whent he tea is harvesting, saying nothing about the quality of the tea leaves themselves. Many "ceremonial grade matchas are made from low quality leaves and result in less nuances and flatter flavor profiles. At iscu tea out matcha uses a tencha blend carefully selected for their deep and nuanced flavors


Brewing Recommendation:

- 5g matcha

- 80C (176F) and whisk

- 8oz milk of your choice (we prefer oat)


About the tea:

Shade grown matcha from Fukuoka prefecture in Japan.

Harvested: May 2023


About iscu tea:

iscu tea is a speciality tea shop based out of San Jose, CA. All of our teas are carefully selected for their unique and distinct flavor profiles. We hope to offer the best price to performance teas available and make high quality teas accessible to all.

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