MATCHA+HOJI: For Lattes (50g)

MATCHA+HOJI: For Lattes (50g)

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Made for Latte Lovers

A blend of our matcha and hojicha powders. This unique blend genuinely gives you the best of both worlds. This blend allows you to taste both the distinct flavors of matcha and hojicha in one drink. We highly recommend for those who love both matcha and hojicha flavors.

Brewing Recommendation:

- 5g powder

- 80C (176F) and whisk

- 8oz milk of your choice (we prefer oat)

About the tea:

Shade grown matcha from Fukuoka prefecture in Japan.

Harvested: May 2023

Small Farm Hojicha

About iscu tea:

iscu tea is a speciality tea shop based out of San Jose, CA. All of our teas are carefully selected for their unique and distinct flavor profiles. We hope to offer the best price to performance teas available and make high quality teas accessible to all.

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